When submitting a support request please include the version number of the Craft/ExpressionEngine and ensure that you are using the latest version of the plugin/add-on.

Support for Expresso can be found in this devot-ee support forum.


Can I add toolbar icons to the WYSIWYG editor?
You can choose which toolbar icons to display from a selection of icons. The available icons are what we believe are the most crucial ones. If you want to create a custom toolbar then use the Custom Toolbar field on the fieldtype's global settings page (see CKEditor toolbar docs).

Do I need to purchase a license of CKEditor?
No, Expresso is covered by an OEM Closed Distribution License (CDL) which means that you do not need to purchase a license of CKEditor.

Does Expresso work with Low Variables?
Yes, since version 1.7 Expresso works seamlessly with Low Variables. The native ExpressionEngine file manager only works on the publish page however and is therefore unavailable. We are pushing EllisLab to fix this and will release an update as soon as this feature becomes available.

Does Expresso work with NavEE / Structure / Pages?
Yes, since version 1.6 Expresso supports NavEE (version 2.1.2 and above), Structure and Pages. If one or more of these add-ons are installed then you will see a new dropdown in the link dialog.

Does Expresso work with SafeCracker?
Yes, you can add Expresso fields to the front-end part of your site using SafeCracker.

Does Expresso work with Matrix?
Yes, since version 1.4 Expresso is fully compatible with Matrix.

Does Expresso work with Content Elements?
Yes, since version 3.3 Expresso is fully compatible with Content Elements.

Is Expresso compatible with Multi-Site Manager?
Yes, Expresso is fully compatible with ExpressionEngine's Multi-Site Manager.

Is there a Multi Site License of Expresso?
There was a Multi Site License of Expresso but it has been discontinued.