Multi Language Module

The Multi Language Module allows you to create phrases in multiple languages which you can then display in your site templates.To create a phrase you simply enter a phrase index and add the phrase in as many languages as you want. To display a phrase, you simply use an expression of the format {exp:multi_language:phrase index="hello"}. Depending on the user's language, this will appear as "hello", "hola", "ciao", etc., assuming you have already entered these translations.

The user's language is determined by the url. So for a webpage at the italian version will be at This makes for easy navigation and setup in ExpressionEngine.



Free for Non-Profit Organisations Everyone

Many non-profit organisations choose to make their websites multi-lingual, and for that reason we are offering the Multi Language Module free for them. If you represent a non-profit organisation then just contact us with some brief details about your organisation and we will send you a free copy.

The Multi Language Module is now free for everyone!! Read the article about why.


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