Devot:ee 2012 AcademEE Awards Extension of the Year!

Snaptcha (Simple Non-obtrusive Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) is an invisible captcha and will be the last time you will ever have to think about protecting your forms from spam bots.

Snaptcha will automatically add a hidden field to your forms and will validate it on submission. If it determines that a spambot is attempting to submit the form then it will prevent the form from being submitted and will output an error message. You can control the level of security as well as the error message text.

The following forms are supported:

  • Comment form
  • Safecracker form
  • Channel form (since EE 2.7)
  • Forum submission form
  • Freeform form
  • Zoo Visitor registration form
  • ProForm form
  • DevDemon Forms
  • Member registration form
  • User Module registration form
  • FreeMember registration form
  • Threaded Comments form
  • Google Custom Search form
  • Email Form add-on
  • Solspace Rating form
  • IntoEEtive Stand-Alone Member Register form
  • Email Module


In-depth reviews: 

Snaptcha was chosen as Editor's Pick in October 2013 by devot-ee.

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